Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello peeps,

I’v been very busy lately, my internship started this week, lots of homework you know it.
Also my scooter broke down, as mechanical as I am *uhum* it seems that with scooters you have to check the oil every month. You can sense where this story is going, I forgot to fill up on the oil and now I have a lot of damage. Somehow they managed to fix my scooter and it did go well… for a few days. And now my oil is leaking, so i had to order a new engine. Now we have to sort things out with the insurance so there might be a chance I don’t have to pay for the whole thing. 

We also had a dinner with my family, because my cousin graduated. So we were invited to come over for dinner and celebrate it. Although my aunt didn’t count on that many people to eat, we had a great time and a delicious improvised desert 🙂
On Sunday my dad, sister and I were going out for dinner with my aunt and grandma. We went to a local pizzeria and since my mom is on a holiday for 5 weeks. We wanted to treat ourselves for the hard work we’ve done. 

.My internship is quite nice, it’s a business that’s starting up and I have to do research and stuff, all part of my training. And there is work, so I don’t have much spare time and I don’t see my friends a lot. But I managed to go get a drink with one of my friends in the evening after work. So that was nice, you know it is important to always make time for your friends. 

I also try to eat more healthy things, because I always start craving bad foods when I’m in school and your always busy and on the go.

xoxo Anne

Beatiful sunshine seen from my bike (advantage of broken scooter)

Improvised desert at my aunt, Yummie

Lots and lots of homework

My two cute dogs ❤

Healthy snack, apple with cinnamon

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