October has arrived!

Picture made outside at internship

The past weeks have been quite hectic. My mom was on a travel to Spain to walk a pilgrimage route called “Santiago the Compostella”. She planned a five-week trip to walk 700 km. But after 200 km. her feet really began to hurt and she missed us so much, so she came back. My dad literally dragged me out of bed to book a ticket and hostel so my mum could come back home. We picked her up at the airport and I can say that she was really happy to see us again.

Me in the backseat of the car, picking up my mom from the airport

I also had a bit of bad luck the past weeks, my scooter broke down as i already told you. One morning i woke up and had to get dressed and guess what? My closet collapsed the moment i opened it -_-“
So that wasn’t helping my” “morning mood”. Lucky my dad is a carpenter so he fixed it in a second.
On saturday evening i was watching tv with my mum and sister and suddenly one of my best friend called, saying that she was on her way home. So we decided that i picked her up on the railway station and got all dressed up to go out ūüôā But when we arrived in the city¬†center¬†and we had a couple of drinks, she doesn’t seem to feel very well. Eventually we went home, because the next day she would celebrate her birthday with the whole family.
I helped to get everything ready and stayed the whole day, it was a fun day and my friend was feeling much better luckily.

Yummie fruit for the birthday party ^^

Well school has started and we had to make a test for english, i’m glad that went well. And after school i decided to wait for a friend which i haven’t seen in a long time. We couldn’t chat away that long, but enough to catch up.

A little outfit when i was at my friend’s birthday party¬†

See you next time!

p.s. If you want to follow me on instagram: @lifeasanne

xoxo Anne

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