New Things

The past week has been very exciting and i’m going to tell you all about it.

As i was studying for my exam for the motorcycle, my mum said; why don’t you call the driving school to ask if you could already start with some lessons? So i called them and the next thing i know i’m sitting on a motorcycle the next day! I had my first intake-lesson, to see if i was even capable enough to ride a motorcycle.
Things went quite good, since i have no license for a car. The only thing i’m driving right now is my scooter. It was all very fun to do and the 2 hours just flew by. But my instructor had some requirements for me, i had to buy a good-fitting motorjacket and some new boots. Because driving a motorcycle with Vans on is not such a good idea… unfortunately, i love my Vans so much i wear them all the time.
To stay in the same theme, for sunday me and my dad were invited by my cousin to come along to a motorshow in Köln Germany. Since we live in Holland, the drive there is not that long so we went. We were there very early so we could see everything we wanted to see. The first thing that happened; there was a lift with a man waiting for us in the parking lot, so we thought that we had to go down with the lift. Once we were down at the hall the “liftboy” asked for tickets. We didn’t have tickets, because we still had to buy them, so up again we went. While my dad was buying a ticket at the entrance, some man came up to me tapped me on my shoulder and gave me a ticket for free!! that was so nice of him, but i almost didn’t even had time to say ‘thank you’ because he was already gone before i knew it. 
So we walked along all day looking at motorcycles, seeing a stuntman sponsored by Monster Energy. We even got ourselves a free Monster Energy, we were up from 5 am in the morning so couldn’t be happier about getting free energy drinks.  At the end of the day, we went to the city Oberhausen to grab something to eat. We come there a lot, because they have this huge shopping mall which is probably super normal in the US but not in Holland or Germany. But when we finished our dinner and quickly showed around my cousin, there was a huge traffic jam outside, so we decided to walk around a little.
The stupidest thing ever was that i forgot my camera, but i took a few pictures with my phone.
Thank you all for taking the time to read my little stories, i really appreciate it.
xoxo Anne
My brand new motorjacket, the reflectors seem to work well 🙂

The really crazy stuntman

Me trying a racer from suzuki, i could send this photo to suzuki
and win a weekend out with it, what do you think?

In Oberhausen, beautiful nightsky

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