Parties, parties and eehmm….I have a party

October and November are definitely months full of parties.

2 weeks ago i went out with my friend to celebrate my birthday a little before the offcial party with my friends (like i said in my last blogpost)
Last Saturday i had a party from my classmate, and it was fun. Sunday i thought it was going to be a quiet day, but no it was my uncle’s birthday so we went to my uncle’s house. He lives really close to our house (like in the other part of our farmhouse and no, we don’t have cows or anything like that).

This saturday i’m throwing my own party for some close friends.
I don’t live in the city, i live in a village 15 km away. So i decided to give my party in the city with a few drinks and then go out. Because it’s close and its Saturday, do i need to say more?

I’m very busy at the moment with school and ofcourse my training to get my license for the motorcycle. I have my theory examination on thursday, i failed the first time (shame on me, i know).

This week i’m planning to shop for some new jeans and maybe a new wintercoat, i’m still wearing the one from last winter. Not that it matters, but the zipper is not really closing well anymore and there is a hole in my sleeve so i’m constantly covered in tiny little feathers haha.

I’m also going to see the new James Bond movie Skyfall, really excited for that one. I’m not really a crazy fan  or anything but i quite enjoyed the last 2 movies, and i still have 6 coupons for movietickets (good excuse right?)

If you want to follow me on Twitter i have made a separate twitteraccount for my blogreaders, because im dutch so on this account i will post only in english its @asarollingstone
My tweets are protected but that’s because i don’t want spam and all that stuff. Just leave a comment below if you want to follow me on Twitter so i’ll know 😉

My dog totally agreed on having a lazy sunday 

The dutch supermarkets are excited about the new James Bond movie too

Well hopefully next time i have an more interesting blogpost, but for now im okay with it.

xoxo Anne

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