Top 3 Albums of November

I have been listening to 3 specific albums the last month, you know sometimes you hear a song and you have the feeling you just have to listen to it. My dad discovered Ryan O’Shaughnessy via youtube, readers from the U.K. that watch the X-Factor probably wonder why i didn’t hear of him. But since i live in holland i don’t know that many singers from the U.K. and they don’t all break through in the Netherlands. 
The second artist is Passenger, like who hasn’t heard of him, absolutely love his voice. His lyrics are really good too, no further explanation needed just go listen to him 😉
Last but not least, is The Rolling Stones. I have been to a concert of them called the Bigger Bang and when i finally downloaded spotify on my laptop it just popped in my head. And their are a lot of great songs on this album. 
Below i posted my top 3 songs from the albums.
1. First Kiss
2. Sofa Bed
3. Waiting

1. All the little lights
2. Let her go
3. I hate 

1. Rain fall down
2. Biggest Mistake
3. Oh no, not you again

xoxo Anne

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