My Weekend

I had quite a busy week, had to work almost all week besides school and homework. So Saturday night i had a party from work, which was a good time and after that me and my friend decided to go out. We went into the first bar and she asked, what i wanted to drink. I didn’t know so i gave my money to her and let her decide for me. Then she came back with 3 shots of sambucca… one was just sambucca, second one was with a few drops of blue curacao and last but not least, sambucca with a few drops of flugel. It looked all really nice.We had a great night and although i was really tired from the busy week i didn’t regret going. 
On Sunday morning when i woke up and came downstairs, my father suggested to go to the christmas market that’s organized every year in Oberhausen, Germany. Its an 2,5 hour drive from where we live, but it’s so worth it. It was really crowded, so when we arrived after half an hour we finally found a spot to park the car. There were a lot of people but it was really nice with all the little stands with (of course) lots and lots of food and alcohol. They also have a very big mall and they decorated beautifully with a very big christmas tree, a lego santa etc.
Beautiful decoration
A stand where they were smoking salmon, a Finnish speciality

When we wanted to go to the car to go home, we saw that the traffic was stuck, so we went to a pizzeria to go have dinner first. I wasn’t really hungry and tired from the night before so i had a tomato soup with bruscetta.

All in all i had a great weekend, this is the last week of school and then we have christmas holidays!! 
I told you about going to Italy with christmas, but my friend messaged me that it’s not really convenient if i come because of private reasons. So i decided not to go, better enjoy my holiday here then and bake some nice things 🙂
How was your weekend? I would love to know.
xoxo Anne

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