All sorts of things

What a week it was..

Christmas, New Years Eve, random partying because, you know it’s the holidays, passing my motorcycle driving test. Let’s start at the beginning shall we?

Christmas, of the people of you that don’t live in holland i want you to know that we have 2 days of christmas. Don’t ask me why, but i think they all just want an extra day off. So the first day of christmas, my mom’s parents came over to have a nice day and have dinner with us. The second day of christmas we went to my dad’s mom that lives 20 minutes away from us and we stayed over for dinner. Since i am 18 now, i found it quite boring with the old people. But i know you have to spend time with your family because you never know when they won’t be around anymore. 
our christmas tree 🙂

Then when christmas was over, it was kind of back to work for me. But i am free from school so i picked one of my best friends up for a movie night and she stayed the night. We watched the movies; 8 mile (with eminem in it), The vow (from the notebook), Jennifer’s body, The lucky one (also from the notebook). The lucky one was by far the best movie of all, the rest was kind of crappy. And who doesn’t want to see hottie Zac Efron in a movie?? We had a lot of fun, but we didn’t catch much sleep and the next day i had to work. So saturday i didn’t go out, which was probably a wise decision. 🙂
The Lucky One

Then I had to sort out some pictures for this digital photo-frame we have, because there were like 12 pictures on them. And i found a couple of old pictures of myself when i was a lot younger. I think i was 11 or 12 years old and i actually had pretty long hair at that time. I just wanted to show you, because i think the difference between then and now are quite big.
I think i didn’t own a brush at that time..

New Years Eve
That was one hell of a party, we went to a tent on a very big parking lot in the city centre and there played a cover band and a DJ. Me and my friend arrived at like 01.00 a.m. and stayed till 05.00 a.m. and danced like our lives depended on it. But we didn’t want to go home already when the tent closed, so we decided to have a look if the clubs were still open. One of them was but after 2 songs they closed too, so we went to a bar but we didn’t stayed to long. At around 06.15 a.m. we decided we were to tired to keep on dancing and went home. I stayed the night at my friend’s place and just when we went to bed, her mom had to get up for work. Such a weird thing.. but anywayss we had a great night and i’m almost certain we are gonna do the same thing again next year 🙂
Me and my friend on NYE

I won’t let you wait to long for the next blogpost, i hope.. 
Depends on how much i do and next week school starts again, so nothing really exciting. Remember you can follow me on 
twitter: @asarollingstone 
instagram: lifeasanne
xoxo Anne

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