Current Favorite Music

Sorry for this late update on my blog, holiday is over and school, internship and work started again. So I’m quite busy at the time. I just spend more then 2 hours on my homework, but since i promised you on twitter that i would write a blogpost. Here i am! This blogpost is about my current favorite music. I don’t know if i told you already but i recently downloaded spotify and i love it! Im not an big itunes fan, so spotify works fine for me 🙂 Here are my current favorites:

I watched this movie with my mom called “The Way” which is very popular in the US and it’s about the Santiago de Compostella. My mom tried to walk the whole route, but after 200 km she suffered from really bad foot aches. Anyway, in the movie they have put in a David Gray song. These are my 2 favorite songs:
David Gray 
My Oh My
Sail Away
I also have been listening to Mumford and Sons, as you may know they have a new album that came out called “Babel” and when i listened to it, i decided to search for some old songs i used to love from them. And as you can probably guess, i fall over in love again with this 2 songs.
The Cave
Awake My Soul
And my last favorite is Alanis Morissette, her songs never get boring. 

Thank You

That was it for today! Thank you for those who read my blog, i just started but i really enjoy writing it. 

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