Saturday Shopping

Today i was free from work in a long while and my mom asked me to go shopping with her, so ofcourse i couldn’t say no to that offer. So we went to a few shops and i bought a few shirts and trousers, because i really needed those. I made a few pictures for you wearing my new shirts, but i made them this night so they lighting isn’t that good, but at least you will have an idea what i bought 🙂

I bought this sweater at a store called “Steps” the dutchies will probably know the store, but because the model was very wide so i hade to take one 2 sizes smaller than my own size. But i really like the graphic prints and the glittery sleeves.


This shirts are from H&M and i really like the “dalmatian” one because of the black and white. The shirt is also a little longer so it falls of over your bottom and that’s really flattering. The color is from the lace one is not really “clean”white it’s more a cream white. And because of the color it suits almost everything.

What did you do this saturday?

P.S. did you notice the painting of Keith Richards (guitarist of the rolling stones) in the background?

xoxo Anne

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