Last week i was thinking about what i would like to do next to school and work. We own 2 horses but i never really find time for it. To be honest, i can make time for it but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. But when i went to Jumping Amsterdam i started thinking again that i actually miss riding quite a lot. I have thought about eventing and endurance, but for eventing i don’t have the right horse (we have an irish cob and a frisian horse). So i did a little research on the internet about endurance and what i have to do to compete. I decided to do it and wednesday i will start training. I made a planning for 4 days a week for 12 weeks long, to get the horse (and me) in shape. On the  28th of April i want to join a competition and i will start in the lowest class that is 39 km. long.

For those of you that do not know what endurance is, i will explain shortly as good as im capable. 
Endurance is sort of a marathon but on your horse, you have different classes in which you can start. The shortest route is 39 km. and the longest is 160 km (National / International Championship). With this sport it’s all about your horse, you and your surroundings. The heart rate  of the horse has to stay under 60, a vet is going to measure it before you will start the route. When your halfway your route they are going to check the horse’s hart rate again, if it’s above 60 you get penalty time and you can continue your route if the heart rate has decreased below 60. At the finish you have to wash your horse, so it doesn’t get a too high heart rate and the vet is going to measure him again. If the heart rate is below 60 then you are approved and if you have the fastest time, you win. If the heart rate is too high and after a few minutes it’s still too high, you are disqualified. 
The horses they use mostly for this sport are arabics, but i am going to compete with my irish cob. I think she will do great, because she always keeps going.
Im going to start training on Wednesday and i’ll keep you updated on the progresses i will make.
Thank you for reading!
xoxo Anne 

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