Last weeks

It’s been a while since i posted something on here, but here i am!
I’ve been training for endurance for one week now, but this week i haven’t been able to train because of the weather. It’s snowing and freezing, so the ground is way to hard to go for a ride. I do have some nice pictures from when i did have time to train.

Very early in the morning

Beautiful Sunrise 

I also have been visiting a company, because with school we’re going to Slovakia in June. It’s a project which is required to graduate. We have to present a company there and visit different companies that can possibly become customers or we can exchange information etc. The town where we are going is called Martin. But me and my classmate went to Groningen to visit the company, so we put on our high heels and got on the train. Public transport is something i absolutely hate, you always have to search for everything and make sure you’ll be there on time. So after the train, we finally succeeded to get in the right bus. When we got out of the bus, we realized that we got out way to fast because now we had to walk 4 km. still with our heels on… You can imagine it we weren’t that happy about it.

When we were done with talking to the company we got back with the bus to the city center and i rushed into the H&M to buy some cheap flats. I was lucky for €10,- they had some black sneakers 🙂 Happy me!!
So we went to a bar drank a few wines and then went back home after a very long day.

xoxo Anne

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