Last couple of weeks

I’ts been a while again, but i had holiday from school and i really wanted to chill out because i needed it. But i had some fun things planned too 🙂 And my parents had quite a surprise for me.

I started to discover it like this; my mum was picking me up from work with the car. 
me:” I think i’ll get my scooter fixed and put it up for sale, so i can buy a motorcycle.” 
mum: ” I don’t know, maybe should wait for a while with that.” 
me: ” But i can already start making pictures and post it on the internet.” 
mum:”Yes, you could do that..” 
Then when we came home my dad asked me if i knew about thursday. Did i know what about thursday? That i was going to make a testride on the motorcycle i’ve been wanting for a very long time!! I was so excited. I did the testride and i decided to buy it and i could pick it up on saturday the next week. This was going to be a really long week for me! 
But finally the time arrived that i could pick my very own motorcycle up. Look at this sweet ride 😀
Don’t look at my face though, i want to keep a neutral face but couldn’t stop smiling!
I’ve also been to a motorshow in The Netherlands, i’ve also been to a motorshow in Koln (Germany) which was way more spectacular. But I wasn’t complaining about it, since there were lots of beautiful bikes to look at, including some “art-bikes”. 
After we picked up my motorcycle last Saturday, in the evening we went to an ice-hockey game to end the day in a nice way 🙂
Today is such a beautiful day, so i started early this morning at internship, so i can leave at 4. When i get home i’m going for a horseride in the forest. Still training for my first endurance competition. Which is in 7 weeks or so, i’m sooo excited!!! 
This was quite a long blogpost, so i hope this makes up that i haven’t written anything in a long time.

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