Holiday & Festivals

Im not very consistent with making blogposts, but i don’t feel like writing blogposts if i haven’t done anything interesting. But the last 2 weeks i’ve had a holiday and i went on a little holiday with my friend to an dutch island called Terschelling. It is known as an party island, so we were excited to go there because we were with just the two of us. It was a long journey there, because we had to drive with the car for an hour to get to the harbour, then 2 hours on the boat and then another 20 minutes on the bike to the campside. So when we got of the boat, i turned on my navigation system on my phone and we started cycling. Which was an adventure on itself, because i had my mum’s backpack with me but my friend had a big bag full with stuff that weighed at least 10 kg. The weather was nice and we had a lot of energy because we had to sit still for 2 hours on the boat, but at some point my GPS lost me or something and we had the “tourist route” which is longer then the normal route and on top of that, we cycled to far so we had to go back. As you can guess 20 minutes turned into an hour of biking… But ohwell we had our cardio done for that day, we thought..

When we arrived at our mobile home and unpacked our bags we had to find a supermarket to do some grocery shopping. We found a supermarket and we had bought more then we thought we would. Finally after all the things that had to be done, we chilled out and after dinner we wanted to explore the nightlife. We asked a girl on our way there, what bar or club was the best one to go. Then she told us about a beachbar that had a party that night because queensday was around the corner. So we followed the girl to the beach and on the way there she told us that the bars close at 2 a.m. WHUUUT? We were schocked to here that, because we’re used at closing times around 5 a.m. But the beachparty was very fun!

We had a great week and took a walk at the beach too, which i have some pictures of. I didn’t take that many pictures that week, it was just a chilling vacation so not very active haha.

I also went to 2 festivals, the freedomfestival in Groningen and Summerloverz festival. They were both great, but i only got pictures of the Summerloverz festival.. Im sorry! haha but here they are!

I hope you enjoyed my blogpost, even though it was a verrryy long one and a bit late (oops)
xoxo Anne

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