Week trip day 3 || Community of Martin, Slovakia

On the third day it was time to get to work and we were invited by the community to introduce ourselves and the companies we came to Slovakia for. So we had to present ourselves all dressed up in our suits and dresses. Unfortunately i don’t have pictures of myself presenting. But it went really good and our English speaking was rated quite high by our English teacher 🙂 After our presentations we had lunch with the women that contacted other companies for us, which was very kind of her.

We had broccoli soup and after that we had pasta and a latte machiato.

After we had lunch we visited a gallery that was specially opened for us. A friend of the women of the community lead us around and gave a little tour. 
Slovakian superwoman

After that we had a little free time and went out for dinner afterwards. 

thank you for reading, tomorrow day 4 will go up!

xoxo Anne                                              

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