Parkpop @ The Hague

I went to Parkpop with a friend in the city The Hague. In one word it was AWESOME. We saw some famous rappers from The Hague we really wanted to see and also the less famous band Hoffmaestro. I looked them up on Spotify before we went and i knew i had to see their performance. It is a swedish band and they make sort of punk/rock music. I don’t know if that’s the right name for it, because it sounds very different then from music i’ve heard before. But they made a very good show of their performance, everyone went along with the dances and they absolutely raised the roof. Their coming again in October in Amsterdam, so im probably going, i mean… i just have to.

The rappers we saw are named “De Kraaien” literally translated “The Crows” and they always have a bird mask on so nobody actually knows who they are. Even if they have radio interviews they keep the mask on, so no one will know their identity. Actually pretty smart when you think about it.

There were 250.000 visitors, but the atmosphere was so good. Everyone was nice to each other, not even one fight. No one was pushing or being annoying, so that was nice. And the funniest thing to see was that there were people of all ages. Pregnant women, families with little children, couples from 50 and above and of course a lot of young people, like me and my friend.

I decided it was time for selfies, so we took a few.

Thank you for reading!
xoxo Anne

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