Summerholiday week 3

I have summerholiday for a while now and today my 3rd week started. Last week I started my holidaywork at an online clothingshop. It’s quite hard work and inside of the building it’s really hot, because they don’t have any air-conditioning or windows that you can open. So everyone works in shorts and sleeveless shirts. But this week I have night shifts so during the day I can enjoy the weather and when it starts to cool down, I’m going to work.

My sister thought it was time to buy a swimmingpool since the weather is so hot, well she bought one and everyone enjoys it. 

 Only the dogs don’t like it that much that’s it so hot outside, so they’re just lying in the shadow, sleeping.

My mom hung some plants on the “cottage” to cuten the place up.
And I am currently in the shadow writing this blogpost that has (almost) come to an end.

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xoxo Anne 

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