Favorites of August

Hi dear readers, I haven’t posted something in a while now. Mostly because I don’t have a good idea of what you would like to read, or simply because I just haven’t done something fun. School and internship started again, so I’m having regular boring weeks just like everyone else. To get a break from these “boring”weeks I am going out on Saturday nights.

But I do have something to share with you guys and that are my favorites of the month August and one of early September 🙂 I am going to bring my camera with me everyday from now on and I hope to shoot some very nice pictures which I can post here with a little story. The pictures I took are made with my phone, so the quality isn’t great, but I still hope you enjoy this post. And maybe anyone else has tips to get more readers/ideas on what to write.

I have ordered this new album of John Mayer, he has such a beautiful voice and I really like the music he is producing the last years. So now, I own 3 albums of John Mayer. This CD is a little country-style so perfect for a lazy afternoon, plus the song with Katy Perry is also really nice. You can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dOF8t5WKrk

I have read about this book on Charlotte’s blog and I wanted to read it ever since, so I finally bought it. I know there is a movie of it too, but I decided to read the book first and then watch the movie since I love reading.

This two little dogs make my life a lot more cuddly/cheerful, one of them is sick but they are together from the first day we got them. So they have never been apart and I really wonder what is going to happen if one of them is gone…

Some cloudy sky outside at my internship, I quickly took a snap with my phone and posted it on Instagram so maybe you have already seen it. I guess autumn weather has really started now, which makes me quite excited because it is such a cosy month. It includes lighting candles, with a blanket on the couch to watch a movie and of course cut out pumpkins. Oh and it’s also my birthday in October wheeee.

Thank you for reading,

Hope you have some tips for me, and maybe you want to share with me what is your favorite thing of Autumn.

Love Anne

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