Getting Fit

source: Pinterest

I want to lose weight, I have been wanting to lose weight since I was 8 years old. Which isn’t something you need to want when you are that young. I’ve been overweight almost all my life and have been following so many diets. But today I am deciding to listen to my body, eat what my body needs. Years ago, I needed to cycle to school everyday, 15km to school and back and besides that I was going to the gym too. But I quit the gym after a few months, which was a waste of my money and I just gave up. 
I really need myself to keep motivated this time, so I am following a lot of fitblrs on tumblr which I think will help. My goal is to set small goals for myself, so I made a list:
1. Drink at least 3 x 0,5L waterbottles empty.
2. Eat 2 pieces of fruit everyday, like an apple and grapes.
3. Take the bike to school again at least once a week. 
4. Eat less cookies/sugars (I am a cookiemonster)
5. Cut the alcoholic drinks (They are sugar/calorie bombs)
I will try, no,  I mean.. I am going to do this every week for a month and see how it works for me. If this is going good and I feel fitter, maybe I can add some more excersize in my week. 
Of course I will keep on posting other things than my fit journey. I really hope I can be an inspiration to you guys and we can keep each other going and be supportive for anyone that feels a little down or feel like quitting. 
I am going to fill my waterbottle for the second time now and drink it all up! 
Love, Anne

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