Chinese lessons and British Superbikes

It has been quite a hectic week, with internship and school. But friday it was finally the day we got our first Chinese lessons. We were all really excited about it, but didn’t know what to expect.

Well Chinese, my dear people, sounds very weird when you actually try to speak it yourself. We all had a laugh and the teacher too (probably because we sounded ridiculous). Anyways, we had our first lessons and I hope that at the end of the year we can graduate in Chinese on level 1.

I have been getting up early this week and so I could catch this beautiful view on camera one morning. Just an extra photo to look at and say: aaahh.

 And an more evening view to say: ooooh

Today I went to the British Superbikes on the TT-circuit in Assen, The Netherlands. It was awesome, but very hard to catch a motorcycle on camera. At some point I stopped trying and actually watched the race and they were all good competitions. You couldn’t tell who was going to win.

I always go to this sort of things with my dad, because he knows a lot about races and driving motorcycles and stuff.

What did you do this weekend?

xoxo Anne

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