Winter / Autumn shopping

I decided it was time for a wintercoat, because the temperatures in the morning had reached 3 degrees Celcius. I had hoped I could wear my red leather(fake) jacket forever, but I guess it’s too cold to keep hanging on to it.

So I went into town and visited a few shops, but because I drive my motorcycle a lot and own a motorcycle-jacket  I didn’t want to spend too much money on a wintercoat. But I succeeded in my mission at C&A which is a shop I usually don’t shop, but ey. If you like the coat, you like it and you buy it!

It’s a dark grey coat, with golden zippers and buttons. I really like this model, as it slims me down and doesn’t make me look 20kg heavier then I am. So, this is a perfect model, because it is fitted by the waist.
I’m sorry for the crappy picture with me wearing it, I couldn’t get a good lighting and it’s made with my phone.

Then I went on to the next shop to find myself some boots for winter (vans are a little to cold to wear in winter unfortunately). I found a nice pear to my likings, because most boots make my feet look big. These boots are elegant and a little edgy. I bought them at Schuurman Schoenen, which is a dutch shop.

They might look big in this picture, but that’s because it’s a close-up so you can see the nice metal details on them.

I also went to the Douglas, it’s a parfume/beauty shop and bought some daycream and Biosilk. The cream I use is called: acqua 24 face cream and it’s a really nice, refreshing product. You can use this cream as a day or night cream, so win-win!

The Biosilk is for my hair as it tends to get really dry and frizzy when wintertime comes around. So this will help me to keep it smooth and silky. I have had this product before in a little sample bottle and absolutely loved it, so I decided to buy the “big” bottle this time.

So this will keep my feet dry, body warm, hair smooth and my skin moisturized for a while.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Xoxo Anne

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