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Hi guys, have you may have seen in one of my last posts, I am trying to live a more healthier lifestyle and lose weight. I’ve did quite a good job, if I can say so myself. Sometimes it’s hard, for example my sister passed her theory test for her drivers license and they brought cake to celebrate. I did have a slice, but only half of what you would normally eat. You can eat treats and join in with the “party” as long as you do it in moderation. If you know you’re going to a birthday party and there will be snacks, be strict during the day so you can enjoy a little at the birthday. 
If you don’t do that, you will just torture yourself and you won’t stick to you “diet”. But you have to keep reminding yourself that it’s not really a diet, it’s a healthier lifestyle and you will feel fitter. I also believe that if you don’t really want it, you won’t stick to it. So only start when you know you will be really commited!
I’m not doing this because I want to lose weight in a short period of time. 
Whenever I don’t feel like working-out or tempted to grab the cookies in the cabin, I go on my Tumblr dashboard and I see all kind of girls that have a fit body which motivates me a lot. So I guess, Tumblr is my biggest inspiration and Tumblr as I follow a lot of Fitblrs. 
I already lost 3kg. (in 2 weeks) and it makes me really happy to see because I know that the effort I put in really paid off! 
So I hope this will inspire more people along with me on this journey and remember as the quote above says: It takes 12 weeks to see for the rest of the world, so keep going!! It is all worth it 🙂
Thank you for reading and if you have any tips or advice, or maybe you want to share that this kind of posts will help you I will post this kind of things every Tuesday.
xoxo Anne

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