October List

source: Pinterest

October, the month of falling leaves, nature changing color, mushrooms on the ground and windy/rainy nights. Today I was completely drowning because of the rain and arrived with a soaking wet, sticking to your skin kind of jeans. But, I do love october. I have some fun things planned for the next coming weeks. So here is my list:

1. Going to London in the Autumn Break with my mom. (wheeee, exciting!)

2. Celebrate my birthday

3. Get a tattoo in memory of my granddad

4. Work in a bar for the first time, on Saturday night. (should be a lot of fun)

5. Going to meet up with a lot of my friends, like this saturday my friend and I are going to watch an Ice-hockey game, with after that a sleep-over at my place!

So these 5 things are all certainly going to happen. I get a conformation this week if we actually are going to London, because we’re going with a bustour and it only leaves when the bus is full.

What do you have planned for the coming weeks of October?

xoxo Anne

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