Future Decisions

Hello lovely readers, I hope you all had a nice weekend and can start all fresh and fruity on this mondaymorning. Or maybe you’re a little tired but you don’t mind because you had an fun-filled saturday nigth. 
Anyways, my weekend was quite calm. But on saturday I took my mom to an Open day of the Hanze Hogeschool in Groningen to look for a study that I want to do after I graduate in July next year. Maybe there are more people out there that are looking for a study they want to do in the future and for some it can be quite hard. I had the luck that I was pretty sure in which direction I wanted to go, so I went to the open day and checked out the 2 studies I thought suited me best. 
First I went to the study: International Business and Languages. It’s sort of like the study I do now, but a level higher of course. But when the girl gave the presentation I wasn’t really convinced. Because I am not really good at mathematics and economics, it didn’t gave me the feeling like: “yes, this is what i want to do i can already see myself doing this and having a job in this kind of field.’ 
So I was off to the next study: International Communication. I already knew I wanted to do an international study, because I love meeting new people from different countries and learning about different cultures. As soon as a student started explaining to me what it was like to study International Communication, I already had a good feeling about it. I also went to the presentation of the study and now I am actually quite sure about going to do this. 
But I understand that for some people it is hard to choose something, because it is about your future and most likely it’s going to be your job. So what I am trying to say is: It is super important that you do something that makes you happy and enthusiastic whatever it may be. 
Thank you for reading this and maybe if you know anyone that studies International Communication or maybe you study it yourself, I would love to hear about it! 
xoxo Anne 

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