Bits and Pieces

Last Saturday I finally went to see The Hunger Games part 2, Catching Fire. I absolutely loved it and the end means that there’s another part coming! I’m already excited for that 🙂  On Sunday I went to see Captain Phillips which is a movie of a whole different kind of genre. It was a thrilling movie and it showed yet again that Tom Hanks is an amazing actor.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately, but I have a lack of inspiration for my blog. My blog will be different in a few days as I have Peaches & Cream Design  working on that. I am very curious for the outcome.

As Christmas is just a few weeks from now I made a decoration card. And decided to put a few more pictures in my book of Inspiration. Maybe that’ll help with some new ideas for my blog.

If you have any idea’s on what you would like to read, you’re more than welcome to comment them on my blog! I have been thinking about something like Weekly Wisdom and put in an inspirational quote every week. And maybe something with clothes like a Style File. When I do something fun and I have pictures of it I will put it on my blog of course. 
Anyways, the other day I saw that about 45/52 people read my blog and that makes me so happy! When I first started writing my blog, I had like maximum 20 people and now it’s 50! I can’t believe it. 
So thank you for reading my blog, it means a lot to me and it’s so lovely to see your nice comments. 
xoxo Anne

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