Starting off new and fresh

Hello dear readers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a banging New Year’s Eve party. I sure had a fun time, but this morning when my alarm clock I had trouble to get out of bed. Let’s be honest here, Mondays are extra difficult after a holiday. But I am going to work on this blog as much as possible, because I just had it redesigned and I love to see what my you guys think about what I write and having nice reactions on my blogposts. 

This year I have no New Year’s resolutions, but I really want to start my own company! Yes, you *heard* that right. Starting my own company. I’m really excited about it already, but I have to do my research first and sorting things out financially right. If you would like some posts about how I’m going to start my own company I would like to hear it, but for now I have to get things straight first before I jump into any big decisions. 

Also, I’m going to try to read more books in the English language. Because I think it will help me, before I go to Malta to speak more fluently English and I want to extend my English grammar. 

Do you have any plans to start off with this year? 

xoxo Anne

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