Time is a weird thing, you can’t control it and before you know it, it has slipped away. We always try to make the most of our day, but most of the time it always seems like there are just to little hours in a day. Before there was electricity, people woke up when the sun started to rise and went to bed when it was dark outside. We actually made something, so that we can have more hours in a day like light. If we didn’t invent the light we would still be going to bed when the sun is setting.

All the nice moments you can’t rewind, but somehow we invented something to capture moments and print them to help you remember them. We even invented something, so you can record the events and replay them over and over, any time you want.

People say that you can’t invent a time-machine, but when you think about it we’ve created our own little time-machines, cause we can capture our precious moments and look back at them whenever we want too. The only thing we can’t record are emotions and feelings.

Who knows, maybe eventually we’ll invent something for that too..

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