Quote of the week || 1

So I’m planning to do this thing weekly, a quote of the week. I’ll post a quote from pinterest that really has been stuck to my mind. I will share the quote with you and tell you why it sticks to my mind, what I think about when I read this quote. 

Today I’ll share with you a quote from Buddha. 

Practically it says: If you set your mind to it, you can do or become anything you want. 

Sounds simple right? But this is actually one of the hardest parts in my life. I want to do so much at the same time, I can’t really set my mind to one thing. This year I want to start my own company, but I also need to save money, because in 2,5 months I will be going to Malta for 12 weeks. After I graduate I am going to college and move out of my parents house to another city. 

I do believe that if I really want to start my own company and focus on that, set my mind to it, I will succeed. The most difficult part is, when you have setbacks, you need to keep going. Life is full of setbacks and people who will judge you and making mistakes. Only when you set your mind to it, you will learn from your mistakes and succeed in whatever you wish to accomplish. 

What do you see or think about when you read this quote? 


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