Wednesday Wishes

1 // A little persian kitty, I just love those fluffy balls. Unfortunately My mom is allergic to cats so we can’t have any inside the house. Maybe one day when I move out.

2 // Pretty organized office. This one looks really pretty, clean and I think white is a really good choice for a space where you work.

3 // A nice little notebook, I’m taking more and more notes because of starting my own company at the moment. This item would make it a lot more fun to take notes!

4 // A puppy! Who doesn’t like puppies? We already have 2 Jack Russel Terriers, I know, I know.. and I absolutely love them to death. But we’ve had a boxer before and I kind of miss a big watchdog in the house.

What are your Wednesday Wishes?

P.S. I’ve discovered Picmonkey, little late to the party..

picture sources 1//unknown//2//3//4

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