Weekend summary || 3

Sidney Crosby, Team Canada, source

Because it’s the Winter Olympics and we can watch German television, we haven’t missed one of the ice-hockey games that were played this weekend. Okay, maybe 1 or 2 because we had a housewarming party from my cousin which was very fun! My dad and uncle grew up with ice-hockey and then when they moved to the countryside they haven’t been watching any games for years and years. But a few years back we started going to games again and I had never been to an ice-hockey game until I was 16 I think. Now i’m a big fan and i want to see every game that’s on TV or that is being played by our own team. Unfortunately i have to work every Friday-night when our own team plays, but sometimes i am lucky because they play on Saturday-nights. When i am able to go i like to cheer them on with all the other fans and i’m not ashamed of it, if one of them starts a fight everyone cheers them on and starts shouting: GET HIM! HIT HIM! this makes me laugh. Although a lot of people think ice-hockey is a violent game, only sometimes they get into a fight but then the referees make it stop very quickly. 
Unlike other sports football in The Netherlands, the fans of different teams never get into a fight with each other. If you’re a hockey fan, than you’re a hockey fan and everyone respects that. They don’t get into a fight because you’re from another team than they are. I like that about ice-hockey, you feel kind of united with each other and everyone is watching because they like the game. They don’t want to win because they have angry feelings against them.  
Anyway, a lot of our favorite teams won the game in the Winter Olympics. Because The Netherlands aren’t competing with ice-hockey, i think our favorite teams are Canada and the U.S.A so far. Anyways, whenever we are watching the game, sometimes our faces looks like this:
What have you enjoyed most with the Winter Olympics so far?

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