Getting my mojo on


Yesterday I went to the shop Run2Day to buy myself running equipment. I was lucky because all the products are on sale because they’re going to redecorate the place. When i went to the counter to pay my articles i found out that i forgot my card… of course. So today i’m going back WITH my card and take the things home. I’m really excited to start again. I was running a few months ago and then i quit, because i didn’t have the right clothes or shoes. So now i’m starting all fresh again and i’m going to stick with it now!

I’m even more motivated now because i bought myself good equipment that will last. I’m even looking forward to go running on Malta when i’m there.

I think i also got motivated by watching the Winter Olympics and look at all the fit people and Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter is doing it. And if all the other people can do it, why can’t i?

This time i’m going to prove that i can do it, better sore than sorry. I have nothing to loose only strength and health to gain. And I hope that telling this on my blog it will get me that extra devotion. Because now i’ve told you guys, so i have to keep going. Although I’m starting with a very bad condition, normally i don’t exercise so i’m going to start slow and build it up. Maybe one of you has any tips?

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