What I did this week


1. Bought myself running equipment, which i am very happy with. 
I bought myself some shoes, a pants, a jacket and a shirt. I didn’t have time to make pictures of it yet, also the weather outside is very grey, so i can’t get a good lighting.

2. Arranged an apartment in Malta.
We finally know for sure where we’ll be staying for 12 weeks now. It’s a very nice modern apartment in the city center of Sliema. It’s getting really close now, next week i have a holiday and then after the holiday it’s only 4 weeks away!

3. Planning on what to buy for Malta, like bikini’s and stuff.
I’m making a list on what to buy for when i’m going to Malta, like bikini’s and stuff although i don’t think a lot of shops still sell bikini’s and summer clothes. But we’ll see.

4. Went for a good walk 2 times this week.
This week i went for 2 walks, one of 30 minutes and one of 40 minutes. Next Sunday i will do a walk of 45 minutes and then next week i’ll actually start running. But i have to stick to a schedule, so i won’t get any injuries.

5. Watched a lot of ice-hockey games. 
I watched a lot of ice-hockey games this week, but unfortunately i won’t be able to watch tonight’s game between Canada vs. U.S.A. because i have to work. Bummer!!

Tomorrow I will be attending a motorbike show in Utrecht, which is very exciting and i heard one of the best stuntman in the world on a motorbike is going to give a show. Sunday my grandmother will be throwing a party for her 84th birthday, so we’ll have brunch and go bowling with the family which should be a lot of fun.

What are you planning on doing this weekend?

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