My holiday last week

I had a holiday last week and i really enjoyed myself. Worked a few days, did fun things and i’m going to share it with you today. On Monday and Tuesday i was just working and  i made banana bread, which you have to finish in a few days otherwise it won’t stay fresh.

On Wednesday me and my best friends went to a concert in Amsterdam from the Swedish band HOFFMAESTRO. I wrote about them earlier on the blog, because the first time i saw them, was with Parkpop in The Hague. I immediately liked the band a lot and bought tickets for myself and one for my friend i gave on her birthday. She really enjoyed the band too, which i was very happy with because it’s always a bit scary.Public traffic in Amsterdam though… sooo frustrating! We could’ve gone with the tram and walked 2 minutes to the concert. But since we couldn’t find the tram, we took the bus and walked 2 kilometers to the concert….. enough said. Luckily we were on time though after all, find ourselves a place to stand, got ourselves a drink and enjoyed the performance. After that we both bought a t-shirt and then went on our way back home.

The day after, I went out in Groningen with some of my classmates and a really good friend of mine. We had a blast! The train journey was very tiring on the way back though and we came home when it started to get light again and heard the birds singing again when we went to bed.

I did a lot this week and i really enjoyed spending time with my friends before I leave to Malta, which is only 4 weeks away now! Can you believe it?! 

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