quote of the week || 4

I am quite an adventurous person, i like to go to countries i have never been, learn about new cultures etc. My parents don’t always like it, because i spend a lot of time outdoors, with friends, going out to different places. But i don’t like routines, do every same thing the whole week through. That’s what happens when you grow up. You have to go to school and learn all day, maybe go to a friend to play on Wednesday afternoon. As you get older you don’t do that anymore, you have to make homework and go to internships.Sure you do go out, but you have to work, go to school and internship maybe go out in the weekend and then your week starts all over again.

 But i am very lucky to do an international education, because i get to go to a foreign country every school year, meet new people and met some amazingly incredible people from Malta which i am going to see very soon. This March i am preparing to leave for an incredible experience i hope.

So here is the quote of the week:

Try to step out of your comfort-zone, go see places you have never seen before in your own country or state. Do something you normally would never do, it may seem scary but in the end you’ll feel amazing.

What do you think about when you read this quote?

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