Preparations for Malta


It’s only 3 weeks away now, until I will pack my bags, drive to the airport to leave for 12 weeks to the beautiful and sunny island Malta. Last Saturday I went shopping with my mom for some more business clothes, because I can’t run around in ripped jeans and outworn Vans there. You can ask anyone that knows me well, that I love my sneakers till they actually are quite dead and I wear ripped jeans very often. But on Malta I will be walking around on sparkly flats and wearing suits, at least when I have to go to work.

I am quite nervous, because I am probably going to share an apartment with at least 3 complete strangers but it’s also a nice opportunity to meet new people. I am going together with 2 other classmates and another girl that we recently met, but she seems really nice. My work placement has something to do with animals, that’s all I am going to tell you, but I am excited to go to work there. We are also going to be re-united with some Maltese students that were here in The Netherlands last year, those people are just so sweet and kind and I am really happy to see them again very soon.

Of course we’re going to have lots of adventurous trips, lots of nights out, tanning on the beach and of course work and school. I am really looking forward to experience working in a foreign country and meeting new people.

There are only a few things left that are on my shopping list and then I am ready to go.

Do you have any experience with work placements or work in a foreign country? Do you have any tips?

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