Maltese adventures || 1

So I have been in Malta now for almost one week! I am sorry, but i couldn’t find the time to post something until now. Sunday we have arrived at 4 p.m. on the airport, there we were welcomed by a student from the school we are attending here in Malta. We got a welcome-pack and were led to the taxi that brought us to the apartment. Our apartment is quite luxurious and modern. I share a room with a dutch girl, which I know now for about a month and a girl from South-Korea. The rest of our room-mates are a Turkish guy, a German guy and a boy from Colombia, so quite international.

The next monday it was a public holiday here in Malta, also known as freedom-day because they’ve become an independent state. They don’t celebrate it that big, but everybody is free on that day. So because we were free on monday and the weather was great, we decided to go to the beach. We are in Sliema, you can see it on the map down below. We have a lot of nightclubs and cafes on a 15 minute walk from our apartment, so we walk everything.

I already got quite tan, which is of course always nice. This friday we will go out in the evening, and discover the nightlife here in Malta. Today I have met the people from my internship company and they seem really nice. My internship will start on monday, so first we are going to enjoy the sun a bit more and get more tanned.
I will keep you guys updated, you can find my new posts on Malta on twitter through #maltadventures 
Thank you all for being so patient.

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