Maltese Adventures || 4

From Marsaskala to Marsaxlokk. My friend and I decided to walk a special route between two towns on Sunday. We wanted to get up early in the morning, but because we went out the night before we thought it was for the best to get a little bit more sleep. At 11 a.m. we walked to the busstation to go to Marsaxlokk first.

It is a fisherstown and every Sunday morning they have a fish market. Unfortunately, we were not able to find it. We are not sure if we arrived too late or just walked into the wrong direction. We did manage to find a table along the promenade to have some fresh fish for lunch.

After this delicious lunch, we took the bus back to Marsaskala to start our route of 12 km. When we finally arrived in Marsaskala, we started our route near the St. Anne church, how nice! 
We started walking quite late, at about 3.30 p.m. but the weather was really good so we didn’t mind. 
These are ancient salt pans in Marsaskala which they aren’t using anymore but it looks like mozaic. 
We walked past the centre of Marsaskala, kept on following the shore and then went up the rocks to see the limestone rocks and the clear blue water.

We kept on following the route and walked all the way over the rocks downwards to Marsaxlokk again. 

We walked all the way down and then arrived in Marsaxlokk to end the day with a glass of wine.
This wednesday there will be a firework festival in the capital city Valleta, we will try to go there and then on Thursday there is a public holiday so I will be free from work as well as Friday. So expect to see a lot more pictures of this beautiful Island.
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