Maltese adventures || 5

From Cirkewwa to Mellieha Bay. Last Friday we did another walk on the other side of the island. First, we had to take the bus and then start our walk at the ferries that go to Gozo, which is a sister Island of Malta. Also known as Paradise Bay. When you look at the picture you can see Gozo across the sea. Surprisingly, we found a cycling path!

The little book said it was a little bit of a challenging walk. Because on the top of the rocks you just sort of had to find your own way and walk towards a radar-station and on that top we had a beautiful view.
On our way to the top, we already had incredible views on the sea.

We started at the hotel which you can see on the picture and made our way up to the top.

and of course, there was time for a selfie!
And when we climbed a very steep rock we had an unbelievable beautiful view. 
After we enjoyed the view and rested for a bit, we were ready to climb back down again to end our walk at Mellieha Bay to lie in the sun for the rest of the day and get a tan. But first, we had to visit the Red Tower. 
The red tower was used as a watch tower, because you have a very wide view. But the reason why the tower was painted red is still not clear. 
After that, we walked (ran) to the beach and went into the sea. 
Unfortunately, we got quite a sunburn but it’s almost over now and it turned into a great tan. We had such a nice day, the weather was beautiful and so was the view. 
This weekend we’ll probably do another walk.

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