Maltese adventures || 6

From Qrendi to the Blue Grotto and the Hagar Qim temples.

I am so sorry for my absence on the blog. Lately I was trying to enjoy more of the moment itself and what kind of experiences I have here, then focusing on the blog.

A few weeks ago I went on a walk again with my friend Lisanne and we had a route from Qrendi to the Blue Grotto and the Hagar Qim temples after that. It was a really, really hot day but we wanted to try to go see everyting. At first we ran into this little church and there was an old man that was rolling out the red carpet. There was a wedding that day so he was making sure that the church looked perfect. After the church, we went down on a stairs that would take us to a beautiful view.

After enjoying the view for a minute, we went up the stairs again and on our way to the Blue Grotto. We didn’t really stick to the route, but got there anyway.

And there it was! The Blue Grotto.
You could walk all the way downhill and take a boat to go into the cave. We decided to keep on walking, because we also wanted to see the temples.

The temples are a strange thing here in Malta. After researching it they are still not sure where the temples were used for. They could have been used to decide when exactly the season changes. Because there are some rooms in the temples where the sun only shines in for example winter at 5 in the evening.

The temples were quite nice to see, but it’s a shame that they have no idea what they were used for. It remains a mystery. Soon after we saw the temples we walked to a busstop because it was too hot to keep on walking.

So sorry again for the late post! Keep updated for the next post about a weekend get-away to the sister island of Malta called Gozo. #maltadventures

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