Maltese Adventures || 7

Weekend get-away to Gozo.  

Me and my friend had booked a weekend away to Gozo, which is a sister-island of Malta. It is really small and it’s still very green if you compare it to Malta.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t good at all. It started raining when we got on the ferry and it was really windy. We stepped foot on the island really early, so we grabbed a coffee and took the bus to our bed&breakfast. When we got out of the bus and walked towards our B&B we were really standing in the middle of nowhere. We saw nothing that looked like a B&B and there was no reception or sign whatsoever. I called the number on our reservation and the women said she couldn’t find our reservation or my name in the system. So there we were, on Gozo, on a sunday when everything is closed with our suitcases in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, the women called me back and explained to me that i had to walk into this alley, open the door and keep on walking through a little tunnel. And as soon as i walked through the tunnel i saw the swimmingpool just like in the picture on the internet and i knew it was okay.

After we unpacked our suitcases and had a dive into the swimmingpool we went back to the capital city, which is really, really small. Because it was Sunday, all the shops were closed so we wanted to take a bus and see where we would end up. Unfortunately, the island is so small that we were back in the capital city within 10 minutes or maybe we took the wrong bus. The weather wasn’t to great either, so we found a restaurant and sat down with a bottle of wine and had dinner.

The next day, we wanted to rent a bike. We rented 2 bikes for 10 euro, i believe, for a whole day. Once we started to cycle, we were going down, down, down that was really fun.

But then came the time, we had to go up again… let’s not talk about that. It was hell, so incredibly steep that we decided to give up on cycling all day and take the bus to the Azure Window.

With a boat, we went around in the caves and saw the Azure Window from the other side. 

What can you see in this rock?

The water was so clear, that you could see the rocks all the way down to the sea bottom, but because it was dark in the caves it was hard to make pictures. But here you can see the purple/orange coral.

The next day, it was allready time to go home again, but before we went home we had to take a look in the big church that was just around the corner.

And then it was time to say goodbye to Gozo and get on the ferry to enjoy the rest of our day on Golden Bay in Malta.

When back in Malta, we waited for the bus to take us to Golden Bay. It turned out to be a really small van from which the door couldn’t close. At least, we didnt need airconditioning.

After the beach, we went to Mgarr to eat rabbit. But unfortunately, the restaurant that was recommended to us, was closed. So we ended up just eating a burger, but as a starter we got some snails from the house.

Normally, I would never try this but since we got it from the restaurant i ate them. Not all though, after 2 i got a bit nauseous. 
In one word, Gozo was beautiful and i recommend everyone to visit Gozo when you’re on a holiday in Malta. 

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