How Malta changed my life

Only 8 days left on this beautiful island called Malta. The island where I met a lot of lovely people from different countries and cultures. The island where I found out that it’s not about how you look or what you own, but to discover the beauty of people on the inside.  The island where I spend lots of hours walking around in nature, where I spend countless nights out until the sun starts to rise from the sea.

Malta definitely changed my life in many ways. Before I was scared to open up in a new environment, but now I realised that it’s okay when you’re being you. Being open and honest is such a valuable thing. Malta is the place where I’ve learned that you have to let go of all your prejudices. You only really get to know someone if you open up and share the differences of your cultures and your opinions on different things.

I never knew that I would meet so many great friends here. Even though you know that you’re probably never going to see them again, you’re all here to make the best of it. They all come to Malta for the same purpose; get a once in a lifetime experience.

Me and my friend that I’m sharing my room with never knew that we would grow so close together as friends. We’ve seen each other change over time and know everything about each other. I know I am going to miss her when I go back home, because we share a lot with each other and had so much fun and emotional moments.  And then there is my Turkish flatmate, which is such a sweetheart and she’s a true example for me. I’ve never met someone that can love and experience emotions in such a strong way. She’s welcoming to everybody that she meets and is really interested and eager to learn about the differences in cultures.

One other thing I have come to known, that it’s not important to hang on to materialistic things. Because you’ll never be as happy with your brand new toy as when you truly know that you’re surrounded by loving people that accept you as you are. I see life in a very different way now, but in a good way.

Malta changed me in the right way and I am appreciating the things I have much more now.

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