What are we doing this for?

Sometimes I lie awake in bed for nights asking myself this question over and over again. I mean, I have nothing to complain about in my life, I have nice and caring parents, a few very good friends and a safe roof over my head. And we get used to those things so fast and easily. While we are doubting between what to wear to a dinner party or trying to decide where to go on a holiday this year, there is a war going on in Syria, Iraq, Israël and Palestina. Innocent people are dying, if it’s about power, religion or a piece of land, children and hardworking men and women are dying. It feels so unfair.

And that makes me so angry and sad, that I feel like I can cry about it. How can people do such cruel things to each other? Don’t their instinct tell them deep inside that it may be wrong to kill somebody. What does someone give the right to take someone else’s life?! And I think the worst thing is, that it feels like the rest of the world is watching. Like we are the people shouting along the sideline, giving comments, getting angry, but we know only the people inside the lines can really change the rules in the game. Even though I know that if you stop one, someone else will take over and there is actually no way to stop it. It’s an ongoing battle against evil, but I feel helpless because I want it to be stopped and I know there are a lot of people out there that want it to be stopped.

But in everyone’s eyes normal and abnormal is different. What one thinks is right, may be the other way around for someone else. Most of the time it’s because of how you were raised, culture, traditions and if that’s not going to change, can the world ever change? Or is history going to repeat itself time after time?
War is always about politics, power, raw materials, religion, land etc. And only the people that are in possession of a lot of power and money can change the world, but do they really want to?

Although all the misery and cruelty in the world, I believe that we have to do as many good things as possible for the people around us. We need to help each other to get through life in a happy way and appreciate what good things we have.

Be the light in someone’s darkness, you never know what good things may come of it. Maybe one day, we can enlighten the world together. 

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