The student life || part 1

How is the student life so far? Well it’s great, I actually have to learn how to cook, lock my bike properly (because you know, countryside girl) and most of the time I’m stuck behind my computer or in books. I feel quite tired all the time, so here’s what I decided to do. Together with my classmate I signed up for the “school”gym. Every member of the university can go there and you can go to as many classes as you want.  We decided to participate in the classes of BodyFit on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

We now had 2 lessons of Bodyfit, which I thought sounded very fun. The first lesson, the instructor came walking in and it seemed like he wasn’t a tough guy, because he didn’t look very fit in one look. Oh, boy was I wrong. We had to do a lot of push-ups, sit-ups and a lot of cardio exercises with weights on our ankles and weights in our hands. But we both liked the lesson so we decided to go again on Friday although the next day I had muscle aches everywhere.


On Friday we had this girl that was our instructor and just fits the title “hardcore gym teacher”. She jumped right in and made us work our butts off. By the time I looked at my watch, only 15 minutes had passed and I already felt like I had ran half a marathon. This is when I looked in the mirror and realised that I have to work out more to get like a normal health condition. Or at least try it, but I’m sure that if I won’t go, my classmate will kick my butt for leaving her alone.

Also, I couldn’t go out for dinner with some people from my class and I would’ve loved to go out on Thursday. But in the first week I got all the bills thrown at me at once. Of course that didn’t keep me from buying new shoes and two cute tops I could wear if I would go out.


I decided to make an overview of my costs of every month. When I wrote down what I had spend on stuff that I actually needed for school besides all my groceries, I was quite shocked. To bad for me that it was all in the first week, so when I saw the numbers I think my heart broke a little. Next month I’m going to be way more cautious on what to spend and how to spend it, so I actually will have money left to go out and do fun things.

But in the meantime I’m just going to wait for my paycheck now so I can pay my rent.

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