I fell in love..

Last weekend I went to Intermot in Germany, two years ago I went there with my cousin and my dad. They could test drive all kinds of motorcycles and I stood along the line taking pictures.This time though, there was one difference, because I could test drive some bikes myself!

Although I could only drive the 35kw bikes, it was still a lot of fun. I chose the Motoguzzi V7 to try first.

I instantly fell in love with the design of this bike, it’s so basic and vintage. It’s the kind of bike you see on tumblr pictures driving down the road in the mountains, fully packed. There was a guy that would get the bike for you, explain something about it and about the track you were going to ride and start it for you. He started explaining in German, which I could follow quite easily but at some point I lost him. So he explained in English again and told me I had to stop at the first guy until he would tell me that I could go.

Of course I was so excited about trying this bike out, I missed the first guy. Typically something for me to happen. So the second guy explained everything to me and when he waved his flag I had to try the breaks. Everything was fine and I could go onto the track. I fell in love with this bike, I can’t explain it, but it creates a beautiful sound, it’s relaxed and not nervous at all and I mean, just look at it!

I came back to the guy with a big grin on my face because I loved it a lot. He was happy to see me so enthusiastic about this bike but he let me try another one that looked like it.

It was a Kawasaki and I cannot remember the name of the model that well anymore but I am pretty convinced it was a w650. I promised that this time I would stop at the first guy, but ofcourse I missed it again, typically something for me. 
I thought this was going to be as fabulous as the motoguzzi, I mean it looked amazing as well. But unfortunately it wasn’t as comfortable as the motoguzzi and I almost burnt my knees because there was not enough coverage around the engine. Also the seating just felt a bit strange. I was a bit disappointed because the sound it creates is amazing and the design is really pretty as well. 
I came back to the guy with not as big of a smile as after the first one. But I had one card left to try another bike so I tried something completely different… this Suzuki Gladius

The design looks really slick and the bike looks really fast. And trust me, it is! If you like sporty and fast this is a great bike for you, but I experienced it a bit nervous that I couldn’t make a turn with it without a hiccup move. It looked ridiculous and I had to laugh at myself for it.

Anyway, I think that it’s clear that I totally fell in love with the motoguzzi, the way it rides as well as its design. This is why I really recommend people not to buy a motorbike out of a magazine, make a proper drive test with it.

Only thing left to do is save up a shitload of money, buy the bike and make a road trip..
Girls gotta have dreams!

I really hope you liked this blogpost although motorbikes may not be your thing.


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