Autumn is welcoming us and Winter is on its way


I think I got really into the winter/autumn atmosphere with lighting candles in the house and pinning winter looking pictures. When I get back in Groningen I will finally take my camera from home with me and try to take some pictures from the city in the autumn sphere. Sometimes winter can be a bit depressing, but I will try to make the best of it this year.

Today I was talking with my mom about a lot of different things in life, like how sometimes I find it hard to process everything that is going on in the world. How I lost interest in horse riding which I absolutely loved when I was little. But it belongs to my past, with the people I don’t speak to anymore but we had a lovely time with them back then. And it’s okay, I just have to find something that I enjoy to do which fits me better now. Maybe it also has to do with age and living in a different place, taking care of my own etc. I just have to find comfort with myself and appreciate the people I still have in my life and the fun things I get to do with them.

The first thing I am already looking forward too is my birthday, when my friends come to visit me and we’ll probably have a great night. Because these friends have known me in the good and bad times, the people I have grown with and took on adventures.  And good friends last a lifetime! So I am really looking forward to seeing all these girls again. Some friends have left this year and some new friends came along, but I guess that’s how life works. Just always keep investing in people that bring you in a positive mood and support you, I think that’s the most important thing.

With this in mind my ladies (and gentlemen),

I wish you all a fantastic weekend with lots of positive things and lovely people.

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