The Jolly Blogger Award

The first Christmas Tag of the year is here! I was nominated by the lovely Danielle of Underland to Wonderland. If you want to see what she answered on the questions click HERE.

Let’s just jump right into it and start with question number 1

1. Do you open your Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas day?

Well actually, in our family we don’t do gifts with Christmas. Because my parents think it’s not fitting into celebrating the birth of Jesus. So I don’t open any presents with Christmas, but no need to feel bad, because we always have a really nice dinner with the family.

2. Favorite Christmas song?

My favorite song is this one, because I think it stands out from all the other Christmas songs I have ever heard and I think this one is really funny.

3. Favorite Christmas /Holiday movie?

That would be Elf, I think it’s hilarious and Fred Claus, it’s about Santa Clause’s unfriendly brother.

4. Favorite Christmas decoration?

Probably the little sculptures of cute angels and the christmas tree on its own.

5. Favorite Christmas food?

We don’t have any particular food we always eat with Christmas, so It’s always a surprise what’s going to me the Christmas dinner!

6. Favorite Holiday/Winter drink?

Definitely hot chocolate with cream, and sometimes with a little bit of Bailey’s in it. So delicious!

7. Snow or no snow?

If it’s possible to have snow only on Christmas, then yes definitely snow. But for me snow is really inconvenient, because i don’t have the drivers license for the car. And to be honest, it’s really cold!

8. Do you send out cards or no cards?

 I do send some cards sometimes, to my closest friend. But not always, it depends if I can remember to send them or not.

9. Your favorite winter clothing item?

Sweaters, hats and scarfs, anything that’s comfy and warm will do.

10. Best Christmas memory

I actually don’t have any really good Christmas memories, Christmases tend to go wrong in our family. So unfortunately, no heartwarming stories to tell you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Tag, now the people I nominated are:

Made in Hunters

Paper Crowned

Valerie Lenoire

Life is my Movie 

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