My last couple of weeks

I had quite a lot of nice things in the last weeks, although I didn’t take a huge amount of pictures as I’m now more enjoying it instead of thinking about taking pictures for the blog. For me it is important lately that I enjoy of the moment, because I’m so busy with school lately.

So, I’m just going to show you some pictures on what I’ve been doing lately.

I went to the motor show in Utrecht again this year. There weren’t a lot of new models but I have my eye on this one, for if I ever win the lottery. What? You never know!
It was really nice and quiet on the motor show, so we had enough time to stroll around and see everything with ease. One man actually got my attention when I saw that he had build his own motorcycle, caféracers have always interested me. He said that you should just do it, even if you know nothing about wires and how motors work. Maybe something for when I’m graduated and can’t find a job.

I’m sorry for the quality, but there wasn’t a lot of light, because this is a tomb. There we’re guys riding the motorcycles against the walls of the tomb which was pretty spectacular and they would even ride all the way to the top to take money from you. You see, they aren’t insured so you were able to donate money to them.

These bracelets we’re a gift from my Bulgarian classmates. In Bulgaria it is apparently tradition that you we’re something with white and red. It stands for beginning of spring and health, which I think is really nice and I’ve never heard about before.

I don’t know if I’ve told you but I joined a committee of the study association I’m with. And every committee had to take an original, fun picture and we chose to do Mexican Fiesta as we have to organize an introduction camp for the new students and that theme will be Mexican Fiesta as well. Do you like my salsa dress?

Last Sunday we went to my aunt to have dinner and the cat wasn’t feeling that well. So he climbed on my lap and fell asleep. Isn’t he a cutie?

How were your weeks? Did you do anything fun, let me know!

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