Interview with Danielle from Underland to Wonderland

So, a few months ago I asked Danielle if she would like to do a collaboration with me. She was definitely in for the idea and we thought about some questions.
Danielle is a lovely lady and makes beautiful pictures which you can admire on her blog HERE

Let’s get started and jump straight in! 

1. If you could be an animal, what would you be?
So me being me, I took to the internet straight away to try and help me out with answering this. I found a website called and it told me I was a sheep or a bear but I don’t think I agreed with that. I think that I would have to be a bird of some sort. I love them so much and the thought of being able to fly where ever I want, when ever I want amazes me. I am rather solitary, though would at least like a partner and can be quite the ‘night owl’, so I have decided on a barn owl 🙂
2. What are your words to live by?
As my chest tattoo says, ‘Believe in what you want’, which is pretty self explanatory. I don’t believe in discrimination between religious or how people choose to live their life. Let people get on with their lives and you will enjoy yours more. Just because you believe something, doesn’t mean everyone else needs to. It is possible to co-exist while respecting others. 

3. If you somehow would be able to travel the world, where would you go?
I’ve always wanted (and it’s on my bucket list) to visit each continent at least once, however I’m pretty sure that’ll never happen. Three places that I would most like to go and are hopefully most realistic are Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe in California (I’d probably hit up Disneyland while in the area), Morocco and somewhere like Norway or Finland I guess.
4. What’s your favorite season of the year?
Spring! Milder weather, baby animals, green countrysides ❤
5. What would your perfect job look like?
Anything where Baker could be with me. Either working from home, blogging and stuff (haha, yeah right!) or running an animal sanctuary that took in and cared for all animals that needed homes as well as educating the public on how to properly care for them and our environment 🙂
6. If a friend from another country visited your home town, what would you take them to see and why?
I’ve thought and thought so long and hard about this one, but to be honest it would probably just be the walls. Our town is known for it’s historic walls that enclose the main part/old town and they are a lovely, popular place to walk. Not only that but you can visit a beach, lighthouse, canons, castle, river and more along the route too. 
7. What do you hope your life to be 10 years from now?
My main aim is to live in a beautiful but modest little cottage in the countryside, surrounded by as many animals as I can take care of. Hopefully Jake and Baker will still be by my side too. Other than that – who knows!
8. The world has been wiped and only the human race and a select few animals remain.Which 5 species of animal would you of saved?
Bees, Dogs, Elephants, Owls and Dolphins. 
You will never understand how much effort went into narrowing it down to those 5! haha Being a huge animal lover, I hope there is never a day when the world has to choose which species to save, however with the input of my friends on social networks I think I have decided on a range of types of animals with different uses and all whom are very intelligent. 
9. Apart from where you actually live now, where in the world would you like to live for the rest of your life?
Utah. It seems to have the best of both worlds in terms of weather with warm summers and snowy winters, not to mention the astoundingly stunning mountains and views in general. I think I could quite happily live in a little log cabin amoungst the trees.
10. Name the 3 main things you want to do before you die.
Make an impact.
Own a house I adore. (That I can pass on)
Leave a legacy.
I really liked Danielle´s answers, if you would like to see my answers, go ahead to her blog and check it out here
Thank you for reading!! 

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