Ljubljana – Slovenia

Hello my dear readers! I am so sorry I have abandoned  my blog for so long, but I didn’t expect to be this busy with university. Next week we have an event at school which we have been working towards for quite a few weeks now. Although in the meantime I have been on a little trip to Slovenia with the study association. Destination: Ljubljana, good luck with pronouncing, it took me a while, haha.

So we left by bus with 47 people in it and we were supposed to spend approximately 16 hours in that bus. I thought I had prepared quite properly, but very soon regretted that I didn’t bring a blanket, because it felt like the air-conditioning was on -21 degrees. Other than that, it was doable and slept a bit. The mountains always astound me, because I live in a really flat country called The Netherlands.

I did not bring my camera, as I think my Iphone already makes pretty good pictures. Unfortunately, my battery didn’t last for more than 20 hours, so when we arrived in LjubLjana, and went to the city centre, my phone died and I couldn’t take any pictures…
But my friend was so kind to lend me her phone so I could walk around and take pictures.
When we hopped off the bus, we arrived at the hostel and soon after that we went on a company visit. Which was quite interesting and after that we had a 2 hour city-tour.

And the very famous dragon bridge! In Ljubljana they have a lot of bridges designed by famous people. There is even a myth that says, if you walk past the dragon and it wags its tail, you are still a virgin. Although no one ever saw this in history. I think it is quite a funny myth, we don’t have something like this in The Netherlands.

When the day was over, everyone was absolutely broken because of the long hours in the bus, the company visit and the city tour all without any sleep in between. In the evening we had a karaoke night and went out, because we were invited by some ESN student to a certain club. They had arranged tickets for us and one free drink, which I thought was very nice of them to do.

The second day we had a day off, but I was too tired so I decided to catch some sleep. In the evening we wanted to eat in a skyscraper that was in the city centre, but after half an hour of searching and finally finding it, the place was fully booked. So we decided to pick another restaurant.

After dinner we went out again, some others heard about an underground club where there was a special kind of party. It looked kind of shabby and we did pay entrance and go inside. 
We decided this was not really our kind of scene, so we went to the discobar which was really nice. But we went home early, because the next day we had a day planned at Lake Bled. 

We were really lucky with the weather and settled down on the grass where we relaxed, played games and sat in the sun all day. In the middle of the lake there is a floting island with a castle and a really popular wedding venue. There is a stairs of 99 steps to the castle, and if the groom carries the bride all the way to the top, it is good fortune. 
The next day it was already time to get back on the bus again. We same some really nice mountains on our way back home. And with a few movies with us, we survived the bus ride again. 

I would advise everyone that if you want to visit Ljubljana, to take a plane there. Because if you are only there for a few days, the bus ride seems longer than actually being there. 
I really enjoyed my time in Ljubljana, we had a lot of fun and I met a lot of new people from the study association. 

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