I see you baby

I cannot believe how long ago I posted something on my blog! Currently I am in my second year of my study and I am still super busy, which makes me miss out on blogging. But this year I am working on something new together with some other students.
As I might have already told you, I am a member of a study association and this year they decided to start a whole new thing, especially for international students. Of course I was very enthusiastic, because I do an international study. So, they named me chairman of this special committee and our job was to come up with a name and a logo. And then there was the beginning of I.C.U. International Communication Unit.

The I.C.U. committee
I am doing this together with 4 girls and we just had our first activity. First, we had our official announcement. We are a committee that organizes study related activities for international communication students, as well as social activities. We had our first company visit this week at the City Hall of Groningen. During the visit, there was a communication professional that showed us around the building, because it is a very historical old building. Then he told us something about his job working in the International Affairs department. Overall it was very interesting and there were quite a lot of people that showed up for a first activity. 

We are now busy to organize a drink, which I hope people will be enthusiastic about. And also maybe a LinkedIn workshop. I hope this year will be a successful one for I.C.U. so the next students can keep this committee going next year as well.

Do  you also organize activities with your study association or with fellow students for your study? Please let me know, I would love to hear about your activities / experiences!

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