Mdina, Malta

Last Saturday I decided to leave the house and go to Mdina. I wanted to practice with the camera, and Mdina is just perfect for that with its narrow streets and unique doorknockers.

Another reason why Mdina is nice to visit is that there are no cars allowed. If you want to, you can take the horse carriage that will walk you around the city.

Mdina is a fortified city which used to be the capital of Malta from the antiquity to the medieval period. The walls are still there and the population is about 300.

I loved walking around on my own and taking pictures. For January there were actually quite a lot of tourists, but it was still really quiet, because Mdina is also known as  “The Silent City”.
And of course, you cannot leave Mdina without having tried the best cheesecake of the island at Fontanella Tea Garden.

I tried the chocolate cheesecake, and it was amazing. It had a hazelnut, cookie crust and the chocolate taste was a good creamy light taste. I enjoyed it very much, and it was very tempting to take an extra piece home, since you can also order take-away.

If you ever visit Mdina, make sure you pop by, because it is worth the visit.

It was a really good day, to get some fresh air, and to play around with the camera. The doorknockers are very nice and a lot of houses have them in their own style. Mostly dolphins or lions, but also other designs. If you want, you can actually buy your own doorknocker in Mdina.

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